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Attorney Website Development


A Law Firm That Wanted a Fresh Look and
Their Multi-Media Files Easily Accessible

The Situation

A Civil Rights and Commercial Litigation law firm located in Chicago needed a new look for their outdated website. The old site was text heavy, had little visual content, the partners biographies and contact information were not featured on the site. Additionally, the law firm’s capabilities were not clearly identified on the homepage which was negatively impacting their natural search results.

The partners at the firm were interested in maintaining certain design elements from the original site. The new site needed to reflect professionalism, the firm’s practice areas had to be depicted prominently and accurately, and the site needed to be search friendly. The firm also needed a section on their website where they could showcase the press and media mentions they had received for the firm and the clients they represent.

The Solution

We constructed the website in @Joomla for the firm. We started with the original logo and the color scheme that the firm wished to incorporate into the new site. The most important element of the site was the homepage content and layout, followed by the multi-media displays. The content on the homepage had to describe the firm’s capabilities concisely, as well as emphasize proper keywords in the copy for SEO purposes. The firm was proud of their client track record, they had multiple cases, news clippings, interviews, news stories they wanted to easily share on the site.

We started with a clean @Joomla template that offered many options for modification and control over design elements. We searched for a multi-media plug-in that would rotate on the right hand column of the homepage – this is where the various cases would be featured.

Under the section “Notable Cases” we had descriptions of each, individual case. From the short description, the reader could click onto a full page description of each case where all relevant media that pertained to each case lived, including but not limited to television news media showcased in a video gallery. Case details were available via a downloadable PDF.

(The partners of the law firm parted ways shortly after the project was finished, therefore, the site never went live)

Law Firm Website Screen Shot