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Managed events and online communications for MacSpecialist – an Apple Service, Support and Training center.

Customer Appreciation Event


The Situation

The task was to produce a 400 person, customer appreciation event for MacSpecialist. The attendees for the event would be divided 80/20 between the company’s existing client base and to accrue a list of highly targeted, new leads.

  • Venue sourcing
  • Contract negotiation with venue
  • List sourcing for lead generation
  • Event production
  • Event registration
  • All event efforts supported with Social Media

The Results

The event reinforced the relationship MacSpecialist has with existing customers and introduced their services to potential new leads. Leads were captured with email registration and raffle entries. All vendors who participated were pleased with the turnout, most of the 400 attendees arrived early and stayed late. A social media and email marketing campaign immediately followed the event.

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In-Store Events

The Situation

Drive foot traffic into the retail operations and create awareness of the training facility located in the lower level of the Wells Street store.

  • Created and marketed technology events for women
  • Secured speaker
  • Promoted the event to MacSpecialist’s social media audience
  • Reached out other relevant audiences through social media and other partnerships
  • Sourced new customer base, marketed event in an effort to create awareness

The Result

Produced a useful and relevant experience to technology and gadget power-users.  Created awareness of the retail operations and the training facility at MacSpecialist on Wells Street. Developed a stronger audience for the MacSpecialist social media outlets.



The Situation

Email marketing, Public Relations, Social Media Marketing and Audience Segmentation. MacSpecialist had approximately 20K email addresses, many addresses were dead or duplicates. They needed press releases for various in-store events and promotions in both MacSpecialists locations. MacSpecialist also needed direction in developing their online voice, content strategy and a schedule for publishing their content to their social media outlets.

  • Segmented audience based on what links that were being clicked and worked with development team to create an auto-generated update to back-up lists
  • Press releases and blogger relations to promote in-store events and other store news
  • Training of staff on how to best utilize social media
  • Promoted existing live events and webinars through MacSpecialist social media audience

The Results

Increased social media audience by 65% in ten weeks. Trained staff on how to better utilize their current email marketing service.