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FashionStreamz, TravelStreamz and TableStreamz

Real-time aggregation of lifestyle targeted communications on Twitter: Fashion, Travel and Dining.

Three sites aggregating qualified Twitter feeds related to luxury and lifestyle: fashion, travel and dining. The Streamz bring the best of lifestyle tweets to one, centrally located, online destination.

The Situation

The social media space was a vast, open arena for luxury and lifestyle brand information. The creators of FasionStreamz, TravelStreamz and TableStreamz saw an opportunity to take that stream of immeasurable information – streamline it and disseminate it. The sites were filled with great information but FashionStreamz, TravelStreamz and TableStreamz needed some serious traffic.

The Solution

The first piece of the puzzle was to ensure the Streamz had content. We started out with scouring the Twitter-verse for the best information as it related to fashion, travel and dining. The information related by the Streamz had to be geographically diverse, informational and suitable for the most discerning enthusiast while appealing to the newbie.

Next, measures had to be put into place to ensure the content was reliable. We started out by auditing the feeds and ensuring that each Twitter feed that was being aggregated to the Streamz was timely, accurate and relevant.

Finally, we needed fresh content and we needed it continually. We asked our readership to suggest new contributors to the site, rewarding them with the possibility of being voted to the main page. The way to ensure that the best content was being aggregated and published on the main page was through crowdsourcing. We asked our readers to vote in and vote up the best contributors to the site thus helping us manage which tweets appeared on the first page.

The Results

We developed a Facebook presence to help drive traffic to the sites, the Facebook presence grew by an average of 800% on each Facebook page. The traffic on Twitter pages grew by an average of 134% for each Twitter stream. The Steamz sites received an increase of traffic by an average of 697%. The bounce rate was reduced significantly and the average time spent on the sites grew by nearly 2:00 minutes each.