FIJI Water Urban Hunt


Social and Virtual Worlds Collide

FIJI Water Urban Hunt is a competition that celebrates the true social media enthusiast. Social Media power-users have the opportunity to compete against virtual friends in real life.

Social media enthusiasts put their Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Foursquare skills to the test. The inaugural FIJI Water Urban Hunt pit 45 teams against each other in a game designed to mesh social media with the real world.

Team Wonder Twins

The Situation

Social media is an entertaining outlet for individuals of varying backgrounds and varying interests, however, there are not many interactive challenges for social media lovers to engage off-line. Lotus Marketing Services recognized the competitive nature of social media power-users and wanted to build an offline competition to capture and amplify that competitive enthusiasm in real life.

The Solution

The FIJI Water Urban Hunt was concepted and designed by Lotus Marketing Services to provide a fun and challenging adventure for Chicago’s most active Twitter and Facebook users while strengthening the relationship between businesses and their audiences. Along with a challenging afternoon of fun, the scavenger hunt was designed to raise awareness of all the fantastic places to dine, visit and shop in the downtown Chicago area and further build an online presence for those businesses.

Teams of two were chosen to participate in the FIJI Water Urban Hunt based on a set of criteria including number of Facebook friends, Twitter followers and level of engagement with both. Each qualifying team had their team bio and team photo on the FIJI Water Urban Hunt website.

The FIJI Water Urban Hunt teams searched for locations and/or items from a list of Downtown Chicago businesses and posted comments, photos or videos of each business on one or more specified social media sites. Many of the scavenger items were sponsored by local businesses. The winning team won prizes valued at $2,500 each and various other prizes were given away to reward participants for creativity.

The Results

The average participant was 34 years old with 214 friends on Foursquare, 833 Facebook friends and 1500 Twitter followers. Businesses that sponsored the event varied from major brands such as Title Sponsor FIJI Water and Presenting Sponsor ING DIRECT Cafe to local businesses such as Sko-fit fitness.  Sponsors and participants both benefited from participation in the FIJI Water Urban Hunt. Sponsors who leveraged their sponsorship of the FIJI Water Urban Hunt and created a unique experience for participants, left a more memorable impression on the participants, resulting in more natural mentions from the participants through their social media outlets.

A post event survey indicated that 71% of the participants would take part in the event again and more 50% of the participants gave the event the highest rating of “Really Fun”.

  • Total reach – 492,074
  • FIJI Water Urban Hunt was “trending” locally on Twitter in Chicago
  • 25K+ organic search results on Google
  • Venues received a total of 149 tips on Foursquare
  • The average venue received 8 Foursquare check-ins
  • The venue that received the most traffic received 22 check-ins and 18 tips on Foursquare resulting in 56K social media impressions in one day
  • Impressions for the sponsored venues are still available on Foursquare in the form of “tips”