Google Wonder Wheel – A Great, Free, Keyword Tool


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Last week I was purchasing some PPC ads (Google Adwords) and I wanted to do some keyword research before making ad buys. I thought I would tweet some web marketing experts and see if they had any new tools up there sleeves.  Free tools.  I received several great answers but my favorite suggestion came from my friend @AirDisa – Google Wonder Wheel.

Here is how Google Wonder Wheel Works:

  1. Type in a search term in Google – I used Social Media Marketing
  2. Hit “Search”
  3. On the left hand column, you will see a list, at the bottom, it will say “More Search Tools”
  4. Click “More Search Tools”
  5. The Wonder Wheel appears and you will now click on that

Your search results are on the right hand side of the wonder wheel.  And if you continue to click on the arms of the wheel, new, related search terms (or keywords) will pop up.  This will give you an idea of related keywords you can use for PPC ads or your SEO needs.  You will also have a refreshed list of search results on the right hand column.

I clicked on: Social Media Marketing Companies

Which then took me to: Social Media Consultants

My New Favorite Google Keyword Tool

This is my new favorite tool to use. I like it because it makes suggestions that I would not have thought of on my own.  It helps me visualize the correlations between the keywords, and even more, I love having the search results (paid and organic search results) on the right.  This way I can see what the popular search results are for each keyword in the wheel.

Give the Google Wonder wheel a try.  I started out with a vanity search for my own name – Leyla Arsan. Searching my own name was interesting, I had no idea I was related (via search results) to so many odd things.  Enjoy, I hope you like this tool.

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