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Educational Seminars


Investment Seminar in Chicago

Trader Outlook LIVE! Nationally Recognized Financial Analyst Seminar

The Situation

Trader Outlook, a leading trading education community, hosts their fist LIVE event in Chicago. Since March of 2009, Trader Outlook successfully served 1000s of trading professionals with their online educational community, Trader Outlook Live was their first foray into live, education events.

Bob Iaccino, Tres Knippa, and the partners at Trader Outlook, had pulled together all the educational materials needed for a noteworthy event. The partners had completed the website design, pricing, and their registration and payment system for Trader Outlook Live. The demographic was clearly defined, our objective was to effectively reach the audience and best communicate the purpose of the event. Assistance was needed with publicizing the event in order to secure participants, ironing out event details and assisting on-site on event day.

Tres Knippa

The Solution

We started with a basic marketing plan for Trader Outlook Live which consisted of:

  • Email Marketing to our existing database
  • Digital Marketing – including Pay-per-click ads and social media
  • Event Marketing – including free webinars leading up to the event
  • Leveraging Partner Relationships

Trader Outlook has a structured, online, classroom with a strong repeat business; therefore, starting with an email marketing campaign to the existing database of past and present customers was the first step. A referral structure was offered to existing members of Trader Outlook – existing members who referred new students could earn anything from a free seat for the weekend seminar to full airfare, accommodations and a free seat.

Our digital marketing efforts were a mix of digital PR, PPC and social media marketing. After conducting regional, keyword research, we created an SEO friendly, digital press release for the event. The press release was rich with relevant, yet highly searched, terms by the target market. We also reached out to members of the financial media, bloggers and other industry professionals with our marketing materials. We purchased Pay-per-click ads on Google and Linkedin. We opted not to purchase ads on Facebook for this particular event. Finally, our social media efforts were directed more in the ways of Twitter, (focusing on an existing follower base), Linkedin Groups, message boards and other niche, financial communities online.

Bob Iaccino

Because the partners, Bob Iaccino and Tres Knippa, are experienced trading professionals who have appeared on CNBC, Fox Business Channel and Bloomberg, with many long-standing relationships within the professional trading community in Chicago and across the nation. We leveraged many of these relationships to assist in our marketing efforts for Trader Outlook Live. Co-branded newsletters, exchanges of web banners, and cross-promotions with producers of other digital trading products and services.